Got tons of junk in your garage? It is so easy for it to pile up and take over the space meant for vehicles. It seems the basement or garage is the first place to store things we have little use for. Don’t let your garage rule the roost! Follow these simple steps to declutter your garage for good!

Toss the Items You’re Not Using

Most of the stuff that is cluttering up our garages is junk. The old bicycle our child has outgrown, broken toys, lamps and appliances, stuff we’ve been meaning to donate. Free up your extra garage space. If you don’t need, want, or use an item regularly, get rid of it.

Ways To Get Rid of Junk

Host a garage sale to sell off items you no longer want and make a little extra cash too. Donate gently used clothes, shoes, and other items to charity. Fill up your car or truck with junk and take it to the local dump. Give away items that still work or that someone else can use. A word of warning: be sure not to throw out your spouse’s things without their permission!

Get the Garage in Order

It’s essential that you organize the garage. Put up shelves for storage. Make them yourself with shelf brackets and lumber. Buy vertical standing shelves to free up floor space. You can find heavy-duty metal and plastic shelving at local big-box stores. Shelving will instantly declutter your garage.

Plastic Bins Are Your Best Friend

Use plastic bins to store items. Make sure to label the bins or use clear ones so you know what’s inside of them. Bins are very affordable and most big-box stores regularly put them on sale.

Set Up Organization Zones

Similar to a large department store, create zones in your garage. Ideas include an automotive zone, a sports zone, tool, grocery, or beach zone. Store similar items in the same zone so you can easily find them. Consider buying a big garbage can to organize balls, frisbees, bats, rackets, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment.

Storage Unit, Anyone?

If your garage is overloaded with junk, you may want to rent a storage unit while you clean it up. In fact, a storage unit is also perfect to keep seasonal items in, such as holiday decorations.

Use Overhead Storage Space

Unfinished garages typically have taller walls than inside your home, freeing up valuable overhead real estate. Use shelves, cabinets, peg walls, hooks, and track systems to keep the floors clutter-free.

Create a simple PVC-pipe rack to store garden tools, camping equipment, and more. Purchase hooks, put them in the joists, and hang baskets from them. Several manufacturers also make a ceiling-mounted storage rack for overhead storage. For larger gear like bicycles, a pulley system is simple and easy to use.

Maintain Your Organized Garage

It’s vital that you keep your freshly organized garage intact. Follow your plan, keep the garage neat, and make sure the rest of the family follows suit. Don’t let junk pile up again. Reorganize your garage twice a year to keep it tidy.

Let Us Remove Your Junk

Over time, old furniture, appliances, and other stuff you no longer use can pile up in your garage, attic, or basement. Let Michael’s Junk Removal haul your unwanted items away! Contact us today at 443-929-2251 or visit our website for more information.