A clean office no doubt leads to a more productive employee. When stuff piles up, it can be damaging to our physical and mental health. Clutter creates stress, indecision, brain fog, and can cause slips and falls. Excess junk can also worsen allergy symptoms and lead to weight gain. Don’t let this happen to you. Here’s how to win the battle.

Office Organizing Tips

An organized office, desk, or cubicle impacts what we accomplish and how we feel. Here are some ways to create an office space that’s safe, tidy, and junk-free.

Empty out storage spaces. Go through drawers and cabinets. Evaluate what you have inside of them. Throw stuff away that doesn’t have a use or purpose. Reorganize the items you choose to keep. They will be easier to find.

Be picky with displayed items. Don’t showcase everything or it will be too distracting. Set out a plant, a framed photo or two, and perhaps a paperweight or mug. That’s all you need to make a professional space feel more personal.

Use accessories to organize. Separate your supplies with drawer trays, filing cabinet dividers, cups, baskets, or bins. Store paperwork in a filing cabinet or on a bookshelf. Keep it tidy to ensure you can quickly find the information you need.

Desk Organizing Ideas

Designate spaces for different items. The things you use frequently should be on your desk within easy reach. Free up the space by your computer to review paperwork or write.

Use inboxes and outboxes for their intended purposes. Clean them out regularly.

Purchase a labeler and name cabinet doors, drawers, and dividers.

Buy a cable holder or binder clip to keep cables organized. Consider labeling the cords as well.

Set aside space for personal items. Hang up a hook for your jacket. Set out a container to store an umbrella or extra shoes.

Keep reference documents nearby. Put those you use often in a convenient spot so you can grab them quickly.

Ways to DeClutter Office Space

To stay organized, it’s essential that you clean your office area regularly. Sort through paperwork. Place what you need on your desk. Stash away papers from previous projects you no longer need. Get rid of paperwork you don’t have a use for.

Create dedicated areas for common tasks and responsibilities. Make your space more efficient by setting out the supplies and materials you need next to each task.

Extra seating. Make sure you have extra chairs for colleagues and team members. Hang up a whiteboard for taking notes on discussions and ideas.

Tackle your digital space. Clean your computer’s desktop by filing or deleting old documents. Do the same with your email inbox.

How to Get Rid of Office Junk

In order to keep up with modern times, your obsolete office equipment has to go. Computers, filing cabinets, and furniture that are no longer being used are just taking up valuable space. Recycle what you can. These items include furniture, computers and other electronics, paper and plastic products, batteries, packing materials, and books. Contact a local recycling center. Stuff that’s still usable can be sold or donated. Consider hiring a professional junk hauling company to help you out.

Leave the Junk for Us

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