Tidy up your kitchen space before holiday guests arrive. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry to make room for extra food. Here’s how to keep your kitchen space clean and clutter-free for the holiday season and beyond. 

Tackle the Refrigerator First

This involves a series of steps if you want to do it right. Open the fridge and hunt for old, expired food. Throw it out. Check for recalled items too. Put them in a sealed bag in the garbage. Put the rest of the food on the counter while you clean. Don’t let perishables sit out for more than two hours. 

Next, wash removable drawers and shelves with hot, soapy water and towel dry. Wash the inside of the empty refrigerator as well. Mix one tablespoon of liquid bleach in one gallon of water to sanitize.  

Put everything back. Thoroughly wash your hands and the counter. 

Why Organize a Refrigerator

A neat fridge is not only pleasing to the eye, but will also reduce stress. Here are some benefits of organizing it.  

You can find things. An organized fridge allows you to find items quickly and see what you are out of. Put food into clear storage bins to make your job easier. 

It’s easier to clean. When food items are placed in bins, it’s easy to remove them for cleaning. 

It saves money. According to research, an open refrigerator door uses 40% more energy than a closed one. This means the more time you spend looking for stuff, the more money it will cost you. A tidy fridge also reduces the chances you’ll buy duplicate items. 

Healthier eating habits. If you put fruits and veggies at eye level, it is more likely you’ll grab them for a snack. A fresh salad will also attract your eyes at lunchtime. 

How to Organize a Pantry

Opening up storage space in your kitchen pantry is essential. It protects food from insects and lets you quickly find items. You’ll also save money by not buying items you already have. 

A neat pantry will free up space and help get clutter off the kitchen counter. Figure out what items you use most often. Shop for the right sized organizers, bins, and baskets to store them in. It’s much easier to clean an organized pantry.

Here are some space saving ideas you might want to try. Get rid of original boxes to free up space. Put individual food items into clear bins. For instance, ditch the package of microwave popcorn and store just the individual bags. Neatly label all of the bins.

Gather up some glass jars. They are perfect for storing pasta and grains. A lazy susan is a great tool for holding spices or canned soups. Stack up clear bins to save space. Fabric bins are useful for hiding food packages. Place seldom used kitchen appliances on a shelf. 

If you have kids, group similar items together on a shelf. It will make packing a lunch much easier if everything you need is within reach. 

How Often to Clean

Clean out your pantry and deep clean your fridge about four times a year. A good reminder is to tackle these chores when the seasons change. Also, clean up spills – both liquid and dry – right away. Don’t let them sit and attract bugs and dirt.  

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